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Jovanna reminds us of the delicious anxiety of ‘TwentyOne’ 21st

Jovanna TwentyOne

For those of us who are well past the age of twenty-one, a song about the anxiety of turning twenty-one may very well induce some gritted teeth and heavy eye-rolling. But whether it’s twenty-one or fifty, we’ve all had those moments where we feel all too conscious of the marching of time, and the grim, inevitable approach of the reaper. So, you may as well put it in a pop song! And that’s what Jovanna does with style, in her latest single ‘TwentyOne’.

Jovanna – TwentyOne

Jovanna is a Florida based singer-songwriter studying at the prestigious Berklee, with a few acclaimed singles already under her belt.

‘TwentyOne’ is a pulsing pop tune with a hypnotic groove, and plenty of relatable anxieties.

It’s no surprise that Jovanna genuinely wrote this on her 21st birthday, with her endearingly honest lyrics – ‘I don’t want it, I’m not ready’. There’s real emotion there, as she sings in her light, appealing vocals ‘Can’t help but fear a future I can’t foresee’, but concludes in her chorus that she might as well ‘Cheers to the growing pains.’ There’s even the cheering sounds of a party included in the background for a touch of painful realism, but the hooky melodies soften the intensity of it all.

Courtesy of Terrence Rolle, the production includes the apt sound of a ticking clock – a nod to producer Zedd as well, perhaps – and synths reminiscent of old video games, as if Jovanna is being pushed onto the next level of some 8-bit quest. There’s lush keys, catchy backing Oohs, and it all combines into a very tight groove. It’s a polished track for a newer artist, and fans of modern pop chanteuses such as Demi Lovato, Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez will find something to enjoy here. And keep an eye out for Jovanna’s debut EP, slated to release this year…

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Words Eden Tredwell