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George Bone Remembers A ‘One/Two Summer Fling’

George Bone One/Two Summer Fling review on Right Chord Music Blog

Discover George Bone’s crowd-pleasing heartbreak anthem.

‘Too young to know it all, but that’s the way it goes’, sings one of the opening lines of George Bone’s ‘One/Two Summer Fling’. Get out the old pictures and put your lighters in the air – this is a big track dedicated to lost loves and the flings that you hoped would be more.

George Bone is an Essex-based artist and singer-songwriter. Regular RCM readers may remember his debut single ‘Valencia’, and this track is an equally polished sophomore offering, leading up to a planned debut EP release next year.

‘One/Two Summer Fling’ is a heartfelt acoustic pop track, with shades of folk and RnB and an anthemic feel.

George Bone’s honest lyrics detail the breakdown of a relationship, ‘how time goes by and wars can start to rage’, though there are hints at damage on both sides, as he admits they were ‘losing ourselves in each other’s lows’. The damning conclusion comes in the catchy chorus, as Bone concludes, ‘I was looking for lifetime, you were looking for a temporary thing’ – the summer fling of the title. The melodies are solid and memorable, and Bone’s vocals are strong with an edge of husky.

The track begins with gentle guitar picking, opening out with pads and sweeping strings, with tight backing vocals. It’s got a classic feel to it, with a chanting breakdown that’s sure to be crowd-friendly, yet with some unexpected chord changes that hint at wider influences. Fans of the likes of Ed Sheeran, George Ezra and Bon Iver are sure to find something to enjoy here.

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Words by Eden Tredwell