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New Music Champion Rachel Colton Joins Right Chord Music

Rachel Colton Crags Radio 'Hidden Harmonies' DJ joins Right Chord Music

Today we welcome new music champion Rachel Colton to the Right Chord Music family.

Introducing Rachel Colton

Rachel is a DJ, songwriter and producer, most known for co-writing and producing Celine Lyng’s EP Sugarcoated’ and the singles ‘Appetite’ and ‘Love At First Swipe’ which became a regional number one at Radio 102 in Norway.

She was educated at LIPA and BIMM Birmingham where she studied bass guitar, songwriting and production. During this time, Rachel was mentored in songwriting one-to-one by Beatles legend Sir Paul McCartney.

As a bassist and touring musician, she fell in love with the unsigned and independent musicians she was listening to and was shocked at how little following or streams these artists were receiving.

In March this year, she started her “Hidden Harmonies” radio show on Crags Radio and quickly gained followers and submissions, primarily through TikTok. For many musicians, her show is the first time they hear their music live on air and has become a safe place to showcase demos and songs before release.

Beginning in May, Rachel will present weekly interviews with an unsigned or independent artist on her show. This August she will be part of Crags Radio’s first-ever music festival, providing a paid performance opportunity for new artists.

In collaboration with the songwriting circle “The Narrative” based in Liverpool, she is working to host live and online events for unsigned and independent musicians, with the potential for wider events across the Midlands and North.

Rachel is determined to provide a platform for artists. Her ever-growing social media presence and weekly radio takeover have proved that the UK’s music scene needs her and we’re delighted to welcome her to the Right Chord Music family.

Rachel will be scouting the Right Chord Music submissions database. Submit now and you could be the next new artist to feature on her radio show and playlist.

Introducing The RCM Indie Collective

The Right Chord Music Blog started the RCM Indie Collective to champion more incredible independent artists.

The RCM Indie Collective allows unsigned and independent artists to pick up promotional support from a network of partner Blogs, Playlisters and new music champions all from one free submission to Right Chord Music.

Music blog aggregation services are nothing new, but with SubmitHub and now Musosoup charging musicians to submit their music, costs are spiralling.

“We wanted to create a service which is fairer and more accessible for everyone, with our service, the submission is free and you only pay for a guaranteed review or feature, there is no obligation to accept.” Mark Knight (Founder)

Here is the growing list of RCM Indie Collective partners

  • Right Chord Music Blog
  • Right Chord Music Playlists
  • Blackmarket Playlists
  • Bored City
  • Eclectic Ear Candy
  • Euphonixx
  • Heresiarch Music Reviews
  • Honor Morrison (BBC Radio 6 & 1, Good Vibes Only Live)
  • Indie Music Women
  • Jodie Bryant (Discover Live & BBC Radio 1)
  • Lost In The Nordics
  • Poco Poco Records
  • Pop Passion Blog
  • Pretty White Blog
  • Rachel Colton (Hidden Harmonies Crags Radio / Playlist/ Live)
  • Rats On The Run Blog
  • Tonitruale Blog
  • Unseen Plays Blog
  • Unseen Plays Podcast
  • Up & Coming Blog Blog
  • We Make Music Playlists

Submit your music to Right Chord Music for FREE here. You can also read case studies and success stories here. If you are a music blogger, playlister, podcaster, DJ or live promoter interested in joining our team, please get in touch here.

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