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Eli Ann Drops Second Single ‘Sinking, Seeing, Dreaming’

Eli Ann Sinking, Seeing, Dreaming review on Right Chord Music

Hot on the heels of her debut single, emerging artist Eli Ann unveils her sophomore release, sinking, seeing, dreaming, showcasing her diverse musical background.

Eli Ann – ‘sinking, seeing, dreaming’

Elizabeth Ann Chavez, known as Eli Ann, hails from Los Angeles, boasting a rich musical journey rooted in classical violin and theatrical performance. Her musical endeavours began with indie folk band Leather Tramp’s self-titled EP and collaborations on singer-songwriter Gracie Gray’s Black Clothes EP. Simultaneously, she lent her talents to projects like The Moderates’ Where Are You (Acoustic) and select tracks on The Family Crest’s album The War: Act I.

Following the formation of the indie folk band Her Treehouse alongside bandmate Karen Laura Peters, Eli’s curiosity sparked a desire to explore songwriting, prompting her to pick up the guitar.

Fast forward to 2023, Eli collaborated with vocal producer Rachel St. Marseille, instrumental producer Brett Kramer (known as the drummer for half•alive), and co-producer Marc Encabo to release her debut single, Lighthouse. Since its launch, the song has garnered thousands of streams, marking a significant milestone in Eli’s musical career.

It was inevitable that Eli Ann would reveal her next offering following the success of Lighthouse. This came in the form of sinking, seeing, dreaming, a track delving into the inner turmoil of navigating a frantic life marked by anxiety and stress, while striving to embrace the present moment.

Elevated by Eli’s dulcet vocals and gentle guitar arrangements, this captivating composition is enhanced by its robust production. Harmonious backing vocals, rhythmic clapping beats, and subtle string arrangements not only complement the song beautifully but also transform it into a soothing experience, making it a powerful remedy for anxiety.

“Sinking, seeing, dreaming is a soulful exhibition of musical introspection, offering a deeply satisfying experience.”

With only two releases under her belt, Eli Ann showcases the dividends of years dedicated to honing her craft and accumulating experience. From her heartfelt and healing songwriting to her elegant musicianship, Eli Ann makes a resounding statement with this latest track.

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Words Javier Rodriguez