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Edword Evwrit Aces His ‘Paternity Test’

Edword Evwrit Paternity Test on Right Chord Music

Discover edword evwrit’s smart-mouthed neo-soul rap.

edwood evwrit – Paternity Test

Sometimes, life frustrations bring us right back to being a little kid, or a surly teenager, and the temptation to shout ‘you ain’t my daddy’ is too strong. edword evwrit gleefully gives in to this temptation on this clapback track, throwing in some sharp hooks and smart rhymes while he’s at it.

edword evwrit is a rapper hailing from the Bay Area in California. Often collaborating with producer Rayphonic, this track comes from his upcoming album, ‘Temporary Tattoo’, an opportunity for edword to push himself emotionally, in his own words, ‘physically and metaphysically put my heart on my sleeve’.

‘Paternity Test’ is a sharp rap track with influences of hip-hop and neo-soul, a smart mouth come-back to those who think to give unsolicited advice.

The title is a play on the main hook, ‘you ain’t my daddy’, a chant going ‘you can’t tell me what to do cos it don’t work that way’ which is ripe for singing along. The flow builds impressively, with smart, twisted rhymes like ‘don’t think you got some authority, my face ain’t that encouraging’ and wry remarks like ‘my mom don’t know your name’. The bridge humorously builds on the title with lines like ‘you ain’t pick me up, I don’t see you after school’.

The production combines smooth synth lines with a tripping bass. Skipping beats combine with claps and hi-hats and unexpected stings to create some spiky percussion, while dreamy samples and backing vocals soften it out. There are lots of little unexpected moments to enjoy – fans of genre-blending rap and hip-hop should give the album a listen.

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