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George Bone Takes Us To ‘Valencia’

George Bone Valencia single review on the Right Chord Music blog

Discover George Bone’s irresistibly feel-good pop-soul track.

George Bone – ‘Valencia’

I’ve heard Valencia is lovely – beaches, nightlife, just enough ruins – but for now, I may have to settle for George Bone’s eponymous track ‘Valencia’. Still, that’s no hardship – it’s conjuring up just enough good summer vibes to almost make me forget I’m in rainy London. 

George Bone is a London-based artist who takes influences from pop, RnB, soul and neo-jazz. After racking up some notable support and festival slots, he’s finally releasing his debut solo single.

‘Valencia’ is a hooky pop-funk track with an easy, last-days-of-summer vibe. ‘

I don’t wanna wake up, dreaming days for two’ open the simple yet heartfelt lyrics, going on to dream of a trip to Valencia, ‘drinking wine’ with a lover that is perhaps too late to get. But in the escapism of Valencia, all love troubles are gone, as the catchy chorus notes, ‘we’ve got nothing left to prove’. Bone’s melodies echo classic pop, and are instantly easy to sing along to, delivered in his soulful and assured vocals. 

The production begins with wavy pads, retro beats, and a chugging summer bass – there’s a hint of the 1980s here, but not enough to be a full reference. Some unexpected chord changes provide a layer of funk and soul, along with some nice vocal harmonies and a feel-good guitar solo. Fans of Bruno Mars’ recent work will find something to enjoy here or those who think they might like a funkier George Ezra style. This is a strong, radio-friendly debut track from George Bone. 

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Words Eden Tredwell