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Gemma Felicity Talks ADHD On New Single ‘Chaotic’

Gemma Felicity Chaotic on Right Chord Music Blog

London-based pop-rock artist, Gemma Felicity shares her personal experiences of ADHD on her new single Chaotic.

Gemma Felicity – Chaotic

From her early years, Gemma demonstrated a passion for music, performance, and poetry. Her creative pursuits became a lifeline during a challenging period at the age of 21, when she battled a mysterious illness. Music emerged as the perfect outlet, allowing her to find solace and express her emotions.

Continuing her journey, Gemma pursued a Masters in Music Performance and Songwriting at Leeds College of Music. In 2022, she marked her debut with tracks like This Place and Better Without You, accompanied by visually stunning music videos. The momentum persisted in 2023 with the release of Comeback To Me in August, setting the stage for her year-end crescendo, the latest addition to her repertoire – “Chaotic.”

This poignant melody delves into Gemma’s personal experience with ADHD and its impact on relationships. The narrative unfolds within the context of a seemingly perfect partnership, highlighting the internal struggle of feeling overwhelmed and the desire to escape due to the challenges posed by this condition.

Set against an infectious production, Chaotic lives up to its name, blending upbeat rhythms with a profound and emotionally charged theme. Gemma’s vocals, simultaneously sublime and distressing, eloquently convey the heart-wrenching subject matter.

“Chaotic is a powerful pop hymn, balancing charm with raw emotion.”

Co-written by Gemma Felicity and Alex Rossiter, and masterfully produced by Louis Takooree, Chaotic stands as the second of five singles from Gemma’s upcoming debut EP, Baggage. Scheduled for release next year, the EP promises an introspective journey inspired by Gemma’s personal experiences and struggles.

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Words Javier Rodriguez