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MACY Shares Her Much Anticipated EP Third Person

MACY Third Person EP review on Right Chord Music Blog

Welsh songstress MACY wraps up an impressive 2023 by unveiling her much-anticipated EP, “Third Person.”

MACY – Third Person

Since her debut in 2020, MACY, hailing from Abertillery, has tirelessly carved out her place in the independent music scene. With performances at iconic venues and special appearances, she has garnered over a million streams worldwide, solidifying her reputation as a rising performer.

Completing a successful year that followed the release of her single New Light, MACY treats her audience to a four-track EP, Third Person, featuring her earlier releases Shoulders Back, Forget Me Not Blue, and New Light, alongside the title track.

Shoulders Back, a standout track, skillfully melds candid production with empowering songwriting. Its infectious and upbeat energy sets the perfect tone for the EP.

Diverging into a different musical realm, Forget Me Not Blue showcases Macy’s versatility. Opening with distorted vocal effects and Macy’s sweet voice, the track takes on a disco-oriented sound with assertive lyrics and sweet harmonies.

New Light invites listeners on an auditory journey of positivity. Macy shares her optimistic perspective of the future through an auditive spectacle, complete with an unforgettable hook and an upbeat tempo that guarantees a night of dancing.

Concluding the EP, the self-titled Third Person reveals a more vulnerable side of Macy. Dialling back the lively production, the track embraces steady beats that complement poignant lyrics, offering insight into how MACY perceives herself in the eyes of others.

“Third Person is a thematically heartfelt and vibrant EP, showcasing MACY’S introspective artistry with top-notch production – a testament to her formidable talent.”

To cap off an already brilliant year, MACY is set to deliver a must-see acoustic gig at the Norwegian Church in Cardiff for Generation W on December 22nd. Don’t miss the chance to experience MACY’S enchanting performance live.

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