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Gemma Felicity Opens Her Heart On ‘Come Back To Me’

Gemma Felicity Come Back To Me on Right Chord Music

Discover Gemma Felicity, pop with a retro sweetness!

Gemma Felicity – ‘Come Back To Me’

You’ve broken up. He/she/they have left. You go through anger, tears, optimism and pessimism. And at your lowest moment, maybe, just maybe, you send a slightly desperate message, asking them to come back. Well, if you want an alternative, perhaps listening to this song will be a nice catharsis – it’s aptly titled, ‘Come Back To Me’. 

Gemma Felicity is a London-based singer-songwriter. Having attended the prestigious Leeds College of Music, she’s already got some releases already under her belt, with this track serving as the lead single from her EP, titled ‘Baggage’.

‘Come Back To Me’ is a heartfelt, sparkling breakup pop track with a vintage feel.

The confessional lyrics also reference mental health struggles – ‘I find it hard to take a rest’ – and perhaps a hint of codependency, as she wonders if she’ll ever ‘find a guy who can quiet my mind just like you used to’. Though there’s progress, and she ‘can quiet her own mind’, the deeply catchy chorus hook reveals her deepest raw desire – ‘come back to me, I’ll come back to you’. The natural pop melodies and smoky voice save it from being too heartbreaking. 

The production sits firmly in pop land, with stomping beats and smooth harmonies, yet there’s a 1980s tinge in the shimmering synths and reverb guitars – I was put in mind of Cyndi Lauper updated for the modern day. The halftime chorus and ringing guitar lines provide a nice change of pace as well. Fans of female singer-songwriters like Lauper, Taylor Swift and Julia Michaels will find something to enjoy here. 

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Words Eden Tredwell