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Marcus Valance Declares The Whole World’s Gone Mad

Marcus Valance - The Whole World's Gone Mad

A brave and courageous response to the villainy in the World, discover ‘The Whole World’s Gone Mad’ by Marcus Valance.

Marcus Valance – The Whole World’s Gone Mad

Have you ever heard the proverb  “A talented person is talented in everything?” This applies to Marcus Valance. Travelling around the world and being a professional photographer, he captures feelings, emotions and vitality in his pictures. His photos from poor provincial streets and rich industrial areas carry the same feeling – the joy and beauty of life, the perfection of its moment, even if they are not the best living conditions. The same applies to his music which showcases his talent with warm indie folk tinged with blues and country influences that signals hope for a brighter future.

His new release ‘The Whole World`s Gone Mad’ is a guilty verdict to the entire world for its weakness to succumb to aggression, destroying human lives for the sake of personal gain. Yet even in the thickest and most distant darkness a ray of light will appear for those who seek help. It starts very distantly and modestly, like a bard’s desperate song near a campfire in a post-apocalyptic world.

However, then, over time, it grows with branches upwards, filled with a symphony orchestra, percussion and climaxes. The song is not only very emotional and polished but also very skillfully varied, ranging from quiet and low landscapes to high plains and flower fields.

Marcus’ voice – thoughtful, deep and relatively low – is somewhat reminiscent of Tom Waits, but he is not as street and barefoot. The severity in his voice and intonation emphasizes the condemnation and unacceptability of any violence in the world and his hostility to this savagery yet with the determination to fight and move on, despite any obstacles ahead.

The Whole World`s Gone Mad is a truly powerful song that has absorbed the energy of its creator and directed it to the fight against evil. Those eyes and glances that Marcus Valance captured in his photos are the symbol of this song. All of them are waiting for peace and tranquillity, longing for better times and hungry for goodness and solidarity.

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Words Otis Cohan Mone