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Numbers Don’t Count Wont Settle For ‘Any Love At All’

Numbers Don't Count RCM Review

Numbers Don’t Count is a Berlin-based folk/soft rock duo comprised of friends Marian and Marcel. Their warm, melody-heavy sound focuses on gentle acoustic guitars and harmonized vocals, platforms for their vibrant lyrics that address the themes of everyday life with a healthy dose of irony. 

Numbers Don’t Count – ‘Any Love At All’

Having met in 2017, the duo established a reputation in the Berlin area through inspired live performances before going into the studio as a full band ensemble. Taking big steps towards the release of their debut album, the duo recently released the breezy single ‘Any Love At All’. 

Deliciously nostalgic — its melody evoking the soundscapes of the likes of Beatles and James Taylor — ‘Any Love At All’ is an artsy folk-rock number built around a perfect balance of delicate piano and guitars and richly-textured vocals, with its bossa nova-like drumming providing the spine. 

The lyrics address the emotional distress of unrequited love, delivering a simple yet engaging cautionary tale about the lack of self-respect and its consequences for a relationship. And even if heavily influenced by sounds from decades past, the song has a strong timeless feel, a fitting bittersweet soundtrack for generations of failed romances. 

Any Love At All is a superb showcase of melancholic indie folk, evoking past aesthetics while retaining a significant contemporary appeal.

Ultimately, the song marks a very special moment for Numbers Don’t Count its melancholic expressiveness laying the foundations for the band’s next steps but also stands on its own as a piece of highly enjoyable indie rock. Make sure to connect with this promising German duo on social media. If ‘Any Love At All’ is any indication, they are set to release more great music. 

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