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Francis La Lune Doesn’t Need Any ‘Reasons’

Francis La Lune 'Reasons' Right Chord Music Blog review

After the warm reception of his debut song Home, London-based Francis La Lune is back with his sophomore track Reasons, and in the same tradition as the first one, this new offering will hit you right in the feels with its emotionally charged songwriting.

Francis La Lune – Reasons

In life, there is nothing like that feeling of freedom that comes with self-independence, with no attachments and nothing holding you back, with the chance of starting a new adventure at any time you want. For those who feel identified with such sentiment, Francis La Lune’s most recent composition will resonate with you on a high personal level.

As a proud Abbey Road’s school of music production and sound engineering graduate, Francis honed his skills thanks to the many songwriting sessions and jam nights he was involved in, giving him an invaluable experience that definitely shaped his musicianship.

The main and only reason why I got a driving license was because I grew up wanting to be able to pack and drive away at any minute. Escapism was always dear to me. Having a get-away car was going to be my window to the world. Against a reality of indifference and normality, a reality that always had to pose the question “why”, this song stands as a big “why not?”. You don’t need reasons to be happy, just get out and do your thing, as when you learn to live on your own, you’ll always be free.” -Said Francis about this piece.

Soaked with the same intensity and enjoyment for life as its predecessor, Reasons hits with unparalleled positivity thanks to its beautifully penned lyrics and easy-going instrumentation, increasing the decibels at the explosive chorus with loud guitars and emphatic drums.

“Reasons is a musical celebration of freedom and life.”

The score so far is 2-0 in favour of this young musician, two wonderful melodies that excel due to their unmatched likability, making Francis La Lune’s music a great antidote against boredom and negativity.

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Words Javier Rodriguez