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Eljé Drinks In TikTok Success With Her ‘Peach Squash Sunday’

Elje Peach Squash Sunday RCM Blog Review

North London newcomer Eljé is riding the wave of her tune ‘Peach Squash Sunday’ a tune that took the internet by surprise after a TikTok post blew up acting as the perfect launch for this young artist’s career.

Eljé – Peach Squash Sunday

Nowadays, discovering artists through social media has become a common practice. TikTok, in particular, is a platform that excels at this, exposing many new performers to the public and creating unexpected hits as a consequence. One of the most recent success stories is the case of the singer Elje whose exciting composition Peach Squash Sunday made a lot of noise recently.

Finding her voice at the early age of 10, Eljé has gradually evolved into a highly proficient performer. Her music is reminiscent of the city-cosmopolitan, diverse, and riveting, putting her own brand to different music genres, taking them to exciting, unexpected grounds where Garage meets with Hip-hop and Urban styles.

One of the first things to point out in this piece is how dynamic Eljé‘s performance is, her vocal delivery is candid yet it also comes as very lively, going toe to toe with the upbeat, dreamy production, creating something danceable in the most pleasant way possible.

“Peach Squash Sunday is a sublime upbeat tune executed spectacularly. “

The unexpected success of Peach Squash Sunday motivates Eljé to continue with her artistic journey, and what a journey it promises to be! Her story is a fitting example of the digital era we live in. It shouldn’t come as a surprise for the success she has achieved with this track only, making us very curious about what her next offering will bring to the table.

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Words Javier Rodriguez