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Francis La Lune Feels Nostalgic On Debut ‘Home’

Francis La Lune Home

Being a testament to the varied underground London scene, Francis La Lune is here to mesmerize audiences with his breathtaking Folk style. Discover ‘Home,’ the debut song by this skilled newcomer.

Francis La Lune – Home

Emerging as a promising figure in 2020, Francis has slowly but steadily built a name for himself in the competitive Indie landscape. He graduated from Abbey Road’s school of music production and sound engineering in 2022, an experience that helped him to develop and refine his skills by attending several songwriting sessions and playing at hundreds of jam nights. Subsequently, he had the opportunity to interact with other musicians from different backgrounds.

After all this period, Francis La Lune is ready to take the world by storm with his debut composition, Home, a recording conveying a heartfelt and highly relatable sentiment.

Fueled by nostalgia, Francis recorded this melody with some of his closest friends around Christmas time, making him feel closer to where he is originally from, hence why this particular composition evokes such a solid homesick feeling.

A steady and persistent drum beat dictates the pace for this track, followed by the soothing acoustic guitar, escalating to a singalong, powerful chorus that feels tailor-made for big audiences, embellished by ambitious instrumentation where Francis sings to the top of his lungs: I’m coming home.

Majestic and sublime, Home is a satisfying anthem for the nostalgic and the homesick.

It’s easy to see that due to his expertise, Francis didn’t take the easy path for his debut. From the detailed production work to the impeccable performance, Home is a delightful auditive adventure that exhibits all the potential within this rising musician.

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Words Javier Rodriguez