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Alec Ray Sherman Releases The Irresistible ‘One Night’

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In anticipation of his upcoming debut album, Alec Ray Sherman shares ‘One Night,’ a high-energy track that urges post-breakup romance with its irresistible rhythms.

Alec Ray Sherman – One Night

Alec is a Toronto-based singer-songwriter who enchants audiences with his diverse range of emotive and potent tracks. From heart-melting love songs to energizing anthems, Alec connects with his fans through sincere lyrics and a captivating stage presence that leaves them wanting more.

He has performed on some of the most famous stages in Canada, blowing the roof off solo shows at prestigious venues such as Meridian Hall, Roy Thompson Hall, and Massey Hall. His latest offering is a heart-tugging collection of personal tales that pack a sonic punch, drawing inspiration from Fun., The Band CAMINO, Valley, Marianas Trench, and other pop powerhouses.

‘One Night’ is an absolute banger – it bursts with life and energy! The opening beat grabs you and sets the mood for the rest of the song, which is an amazing blend of pop and indie rock. Alec aimed to capture an SNL-style organic band with this track, and the addition of the analog horn and punchy electric guitar makes it an earworm that will stay in your head for days.

This feel-good tune was written in the aftermath of a difficult breakup, inspired by the desire to have a carefree one-night stand. Alec’s distinctive and gritty timbre shines through with impressive belting towards the end of the song, and all instruments come together perfectly to create a fun vibe.

“From the pulsing rhythms to the soaring chorus, ‘One Night’ is a sonic explosion that captures the essence of Alec’s artistry – bold, daring, and unforgettable.” 

Get ready for a burst of fresh tunes as Alec’s debut album, “Rose Coloured Glasses,” is set to hit the shelves in July 2023. He’s not holding back and will be teasing fans with a series of promotional singles leading up to the album’s launch. 

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Words Abby Teodosio