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Meagan Sky Is Between ‘Tension & Release’

Meagan Sky Tension & Release RCM Blog Review

For Meagan Sky, everything seemed perfect, with two wonderful kids, a loving husband, and a successful career in graphic design, however, there was still something missing in her life, and that was her biggest dream, making music. Her track Tension & Release dives deeper into the inner struggle that meant pursuing this objective and what it required to make it come true.

Meagan Sky – Tension & Release

Drawing inspiration from Soul and R&B music in addition to artists like Maggie Rogers and Leon Bridges, Meagan Sky is on a mission to share her journey of self-love and fulfilment through her art. In 2019 she took the leap to become a professional singer, receiving support from fans and industry tastemakers alike.

Since her debut, Meagan’s music has been included in over 250 Spotify playlists and reached 15 countries across the globe. And speaking about trying to achieve your dreams, the story behind this tune comes from Meagan’s own difficulties and struggles to leave her comfort zone in order to seize her goals:

This song represents my struggle with limiting beliefs. I realized that I was the one that was stopping me from reaching my aspirations, and I was also the one who could make my dreams a reality. It’s about the tug of war-between staying safe in your limiting beliefs and wanting more for yourself. Hence the name Tension & Release. It’s about my internal tension and restlessly seeking release.”

Meagan’s gifted voice draws your attention right away, with the majestic instrumentation slowly taking over, comprised of a soft piano, a sublime guitar strumming, and a colourful horn section. By the time the song concludes, it indeed evokes a feeling of peaceful liberty and tranquillity.

“Tension & Release is an enticing ode to freedom and dream chasing.”

With this new delivery, Meagan Sky has confirmed that no matter the circumstances, there is always a way to fight for your goals in life, you just need to work hard for it and never surrender, and in the process, she has also shown the world what she is capable of as a performer and songwriter.

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Words Javier Rodriguez