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Domiziana Dissects A Dysfunctional Relationship On Psycho!Ck

Domiziana - Psycho!Ck on Right Chord Music Blog

Domiziana joyously dissects a dysfunctional relationship on her new single Psycho!Ck.

Domiziana – Psychod!Ck

Learning to conciliate physical attraction and love compatibility is one of the greatest mysteries of adult life. And one that can even get dangerous, as at times the ones we are most irresistibly drawn to are prone to cause harm on every level. Illustrating one such experience comes London-based Italian singer Domiziana’s new single Psychod!ck (phallic pun clearly 100% intended!), a tale of violent, toxic love.

“I don’t like men, but I’m attracted to them”, clarifies the girl. This is a thorough dissection of an ill-fated love story with an insecure man-child who hides his own mental powerlessness behind a veneer of overconfidence and violence. The detailed but chilled and upbeat approach to a dysfunctional relationship recalls Till death do us part, Madonna’s diss letter to ex-husband Sean Penn. Sound-wise, however, the number owes a lot more to Beyoncé’s Love on Top.

Judging by her chilled tone, nonetheless, she doesn’t seem to be the least bit bogged down by the disappointment and this devil-may-care approach is the perfect match for the irresistibly groovy retro-soul sound. The jolly horns and infectious bassline conjure up the loudest and most celebratory classic blues atmosphere. “You said I made up my own – sh*t (…) But I do own my – sh*t”, she goes, joined by a sleek blues choir every time the s-word is uttered. “A grown-up, that’s what I have to – be”, she concludes, refusing to be a victim. Sh*t happens, as it turns out… Lesson learnt gotta move on. So long and thanks for the fish.

Psychod!ck is a taste of her upcoming album, due in September. The full-length release, a collaboration with composer/producer Alessandro Spagnolo, is composed of ten songs touching on themes of anxiety, depression, ADHD and her views on gender, sexuality and relationships.

“My music and my life are the same thing and need to feed off each other”, explains Domiziana. This rings especially true coming from someone whose lifelong dream of becoming a professional singer continues that of her grandmother, who, hindered by society’s expectations, had to focus on child-rearing instead. It is through her work that this proud neuro-queer, intersectional transfeminist deals her jabs at society and expresses her worldview.

“Though the subject matter is somewhat gruesome, the singer’s devil-may-care deliver is the perfect match for the irresistibly groovy retro-soul sound”

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Words Fernando de Oliveira Lúcio