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Furrowed Brow Return With ‘Outdoors Man’

Furrowed Brow - Outdoors Man on Right Chord Music

A prog-post-punk inferno. Furrowed Brow release their new single, ‘Outdoors Man’.

Furrowed Brow – Outdoors Man

Manchester quintet Furrowed Brow have been making quite the name for themselves as an anarchic, unorthodox musical outfit. 

Firmly rooted in a DIY aesthetic, the five-piece are punk to the core, but effortlessly intertwine the sizzle of new-wave, goth, garage and glam styles. In the past they have told us that they are notoriously hard to pigeonhole – which means that listeners have a truly exciting time anticipating what comes next from the wildcard band. Their second single of the year, “Outdoorsman”, is another hybrid-genre, off-the-wall paean to the great stones and valleys of England. An avant-garde ode to nature and their homeland, the track was designed to be shouted loud and proud.

Vocalist Richey Ostrowski is quite the story-teller: His dramatic narration style draws you deep into the story on top of the psychedelic, shape-shifting musical backbone crafted by fellow members Meg Robinson, Evie Chalmers, Marc Ciufo Green and Ruairi Coyle. United, the band have the incredible ability to make a neat and intricately crafted arrangement into something chaotic – in the best possible way.

Radiating a sense of nostalgia that’s almost impossible to place, it’s as if the band have taken core-memory melodies from your childhood and reinvented them into a gothic anthem to guide you into later life.The beauty of this track is that you won’t fully understand it, yet it will bring you a fascinating sense of comfort and will grant your mind the opportunity to let loose for four whole minutes.

“Furrowed Brow are a fearless five-piece that simply ooze charisma. Fun, eccentric, pioneering and challenging, “Outdoors Man” solidifies that the band will always deliver a whirlwind listening experience”

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Words by Rhí McPhelim