The Howling Faith Keep It Grooving For ‘Days and Days’

Discover The Howling Faith’s retro alt jam.

The Howling Faith – ‘Days and Days’

There’s a certain jangling tone of the guitar that brings up a plethora of references and memories – from Nancy Sinatra to Chrissie Hynde to the Arctic Monkeys, it’s surf and punk and many things in-between. When you hear the opening strum of ‘Days and Days’, it slides comfortably into that world. 

The Howling Faith are a female-fronted rock trio, all natives of Los Angeles. Finding themselves straddling American and alt scenes, they nevertheless are carving out their own niche with plenty of gigs.

“Days and Days’ is a thrumming, buzzing alt-love song, with hypnotic rock and indie influences and a retro feel.”

Do you think of that night when you coloured me blue?’ open the intimate lyrics, describing a love she just can’t get out of her head. The melodies are insistent, creating a hypnotic effect echoing the repetitive thoughts we have when we’re stuck on somebody new, who ‘left you hanging with a question or two’. The chorus ‘Colour me blue, colour me with your eyes’ is memorable, and lead singer Laura Sanchez Ishida’s vocals are distinctive, folky and quavering. 

The production is characterised by those vintage, dreamily twanging guitars, along with a steadily grooving bass and a heartbeat kick that opens out into crashing beats. The mix is a little messy and could spotlight the vocals better, but it’s still an infectious, reverberating groove, with a wild, jam-session vibe. Fans of acts like The Pretenders and The Ventures will find something to enjoy here. 

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Words Eden Tredwell