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Maïa Davies Tackles Abusive Relationships On ‘Stockholm’

Discover Maïa Davies' richly dark indie-folk ballad. Maïa Davies - ‘Stockholm’ What do you associate with Stockholm? A Scandinavian utopia, filled with herring and ABBA? If...

Domiziana Dissects A Dysfunctional Relationship On Psycho!Ck

Domiziana joyously dissects a dysfunctional relationship on her new single Psycho!Ck. Domiziana - Psychod!Ck Learning to conciliate physical attraction and love compatibility is one of the...

Grace Lightman Flings Her Problems Away With ‘Catapult!’

Toxic relationships are something that no one wants, unfortunately, people tend to fall into habits that make them go back to a detrimental behaviour...

Lavinia Cos is ‘Cutting Ties’ but stepping forward

It’s 2022 and we’re cutting toxic people out of our life. Your friend! Your ex! Your dog! (He knows what he did.) Lavinia Cos -...