Cravat Return With The Enthralling Salto EP

Málaga, Spain-based Cravat take a giant leap forward with their new EP, ‘Salto.’

Cravat – Salto

Now in their fourth year, Spanish band Cravat have accomplished the very difficult feat of creating a unique sound of their own. Emotion lies at the heart of everything they do, and their latest release, ‘Salto,’ is no exception. What’s remarkable about this five-song set is how convincingly the group meld diverse textures into something cohesive and memorable.

Dream pop brushes against spiky guitars, ambient sounds underpin thumping drums, and wild electronic textures float over rumbling bass lines. This is immediately accessible music that nonetheless possesses enough depth and invention to keep you listening.

Cravat formed in 2018,  the outcome of the diverse senses of musicality and backgrounds shared among its Málaga- based members. They have released two previous EP’s, (Givanna/Gaddiposh; Sharpo/FF) and ‘Abschaum’ – a collaboration with the Spanish electronic artist, Caradusanto. ‘Salto,’ which translates as ‘leap,’ is the group’s most ambitious effort to date. This set of tracks form a summary of the journey this fine band has been on since its inception.

The EP serves as a fine statement of both progress and intent. Cravat excel at marrying intriguing soundscapes to melodic hooks. ‘Hume’ veers effortlessly from gentle, ambient soundscapes to glittering electro-pop. ‘Anchor’ drifts like a slowly-melting iceberg. Lead single, ‘Blonder’ crackles with post-punk energy an urgent, driving restlessness drives this track, with dissonant electronic bleeps contrasting compelling against ringing guitars. As a whole, ‘Salto’ makes for a compelling, immersive listening experience.

Fans of accessible, yet cerebral music will want to check out Cravat.

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Words Chris Wheatley