The hypnotic beat of Cravat Blonder.

Málaga-based Cravat is a project that mixes elements of pop, electronica and indie rock with a focus on the many ways these genres can be explored.

Cravat Blonder

Since the start of their career in 2018, the Spanish band has been quite active in producing exceptional musical material, which includes an EP and a series of singles. Their live performances are also notable, as they employ projections and varied sonic effects to enhance the attendant’s experience. Set to release a record in the upcoming months, the band has just presented a lighthearted, addicting new single: Blonder.

The track, driven forward by a hypnosis-inducing beat, relies on an infectious melodic hook to create an ambience of joy and cheerful sereness. Although certainly drawing influences from 90’s alternative music, the indie-influenced pop-rock track is very contemporary and conveys a modern, keen mood.

“Cravat’s Blonder is an electronica-flavoured, indie-rock number. A  fantastic choice of soundtrack for hot summer nights.”  

In the past, Cravat explored everything from mainstream pop to experimental, avant-garde electronica, so the band’s exact next steps are unknown. Whichever it is, though, Blonder indicates that it will be most likely a high-quality musical endeavour. In this regard, their upcoming album definitely merits attention.

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Words Fidel Beserra