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Clay In Mono Drops His Existentialist Opus ‘Entry’

Clay In Mono - Entry

Conceived over the span of 10 years in different cities all around the world (NYC, Berlin, Copenhagen, LA, and Vancouver) high skilled producer and songwriter Clay Brassford better known as Clay In Mono, has finally dropped his crowning achievement in the form of the mini album Entry.

Clay In Mono – Entry

Two months ago, Clay released Slip, the first single from this record and a fitting introduction card that gives a pretty good idea of how this compilation operates. This peculiar composition excelled at illustrating a concept with the music itself, rather than relying too much on the lyrics.

Most of the songs on this 8-track compilation are very short (hence the reason why the length is only 17 minutes) nevertheless, that doesn’t diminish the quality of each melody, in fact, it’s quite the opposite, the opener tune Stick, for example, it’s like a short auditive gate that transports the listener into this land of chill and hazy textures.

The aforementioned ‘Slip’ comes afterwards delivering a thoughtful offering about the nature of time. False Golden Door is an instrumental beauty that might last less than a minute, but that’s all it needs to work like an allegorical door into the next auditive level, as the song reaches its end, the clever production sounds like an ascension into a new musical realm, which is the next single, the actual Golden Door.

The lack of lyrics in brief instrumental intervals like Nicoya HC7 and Marmeleira accentuates Clay’s lyrical prowess in the upcoming compositions, something that is evidenced in [off camera] Solstice and also in the final track Yellow Sheen, this last one is not only the longest song on the record but also the most ambitious part in Entry, overflowing with vocal effects and well-thought arrangements.

Entry is the intersection where abstract soundscapes meet with high-quality lyricism and intriguing concepts.

Clay is not afraid of taking risks and it shows in the many different usages of experimentation that this record has, for those who love profound and thought-provoking proposals, Entry will satisfy their needs as well as bringing enjoyment through its cleverness.

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Words Javier Rodriguez