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AA Legrand Releases His Tender Debut ‘Pacific Ep’

AA Legrand Pacific Ep

For Simeon Loth, better known as AA Legrand, his debut EP is the culmination of years roaming and mastering his craft, unconventional and out of the box, Pacific adds his own spin to the Indie-Folk genre resulting in an interesting blend of sounds and emotional outtakes.

AA Legrand – Pacific Ep

From humble origins in his native Berlin, AA Legrand started in several bands of many different styles and genres, but it wasn’t until 2019 when he began to produce music in his bedroom with an old MacBook and borrowed equipment from his friends, these experiences could explain the enticing diversity in Simeon’s art.

After testing the waters for a while, this upcoming producer finally found his ideal sound reflected in the song ‘Shade Of A Giant’, this melody became the first step for his 3-track EP Pacific.

Pacific is a tender demonstration of sonic proficiency, sensitive to the core but pouring with creativeness and a fresh take on a very beloved genre.

The single ‘All Your Love’ immediately sets the tone by including Simeon’s characteristic hush vocals and mellow guitar passages accompanied by electronic beats, the chill, and beautiful instrumentation are the key here, which makes this tune feel like an otherworldly experience, as the title implies, this song is about craving love from that special someone.

‘Shade Of A Giant’ holds a more traditional Folk style, displaying Simeon’s guitar ability and his lyrical prowess, inspired by this artist’s trip to the Redwood National Park in California, the song does a terrific job at expressing nostalgia for a treasured memory.

The closer ‘Slow, Sleep, Fall’ is another example of this performer’s songwriter skills, unveiling a story of regret through a cathartic presentation.

Listening to Pacific was a gratifying experience due to the magnificent ambience that it evokes, this is the type of record that you listen to after a stressful day to forget about all your problems and lose yourself in the sea of sonorous wonders that AA Legrand has created.

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Words Javier Rodriguez