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DARK Descends Into The Unknown With The Ambient ‘Dark_2’

Dark - Dark_2

Exploring the tumultuous corners of the mind, ambient artist DARK has unveiled the continuation of his acclaimed first album, except that this time, he has dived even deeper into an intangible void, crafting a highly introspective record where light fades away, and the only thing that reigns is pitch-black obscurity.

Dark – dark_2

Surrounded by an aura of mysticism, ambient experimental composer, and guitarist, DARK has made a name for himself by dwelling in the realms of non-linear experimentation and highly conceptual ambient works. His most recent album dark_2 follows this trend, expanding his musical canon in captivating ways.

Enigmatic and strangely absorbing, dark_2 is a half hour of abstract exploration in a quest to find the perfect dark.

While there are a lot of mentions and references to darkness in this musician’s work, this has little to do with something purposely evil, this so-called blackness is more of an allusion to the infinite recondite of consciousness. The nine compositions in this record use a non-traditional approach even for ambient music standards, opting to focus on the music and strive to provoke emotional responses on the receptor rather than give a literal and obvious meaning.

The opening song neural_ is a masterful representation of the network of the human mind through a series of harmonics, taking advantage of the entire fretboard.

In the single reflections_, DARK shows his mastery of ambient guitar, fitting meticulously with the electronic patterns, which illustrate the feeling of being lost, but without wishing to be found, falling deeper into infinite space.

Naturally, an album of such conceptual value needed to end ambitiously, the closer biopolis aeternalis_ is 8 minutes long and is an epic opus inspired by the evolution of architecture and biology, having a grandiose intro and the most intricate bits of production in this LP.

There is a lot to love in DARK’s masterpiece, from the well-rounded production to the cleverly executed ideas, dark_2 has an appeal that is almost hypnotic, serving as an ode to the immaculate and everlasting void within. This album is an artistic work that stimulates the senses and most likely will make you come back for more.

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Words Javier Rodriguez