Chayce Kennedy Chases ‘Mr Super Fine’

Discover Chayce Kennedy’s sweetly heart-struck pop.

Chayce Kennedy – ‘Mr Super Fine’

We’re approaching cuffing season, as the kids say, so perhaps now is the time to start looking around you for any attractive strangers, and start a new love story all over again. If you do find those sparks, you may want to fall into ‘Mr Super Fine’ by Chayce Kennedy to really set the mood. 

Chayce Kennedy is a pop singer-songwriter hailing from British Columbia, Canada. She’s racked up several singles and over 100 live shows in the past 2 years, with this release marking the first single from an upcoming EP ‘Yours Truly’, due in 2024.

‘Mr Super Fine’ is a slice of dreamy mid-tempo Cupid pop, a guilty pleasure to indulge in when you’ve found that new special someone.

There are moments of sharp detail in the lyrics – ‘are your eyes blue or green tonight’ – and hints of self-awareness as Kennedy refers to herself as the ‘energetic blonde next to you making jokes’, but for the most part the lyrics are pure giddy infatuation, calling the lucky man ‘Mr Super Fine, when can I call you mine’. ‘I don’t even notice how many hours pass’ she sings, evoking the consuming nature of falling in love. This is combined with classic pop melodies and Kennedy’s sweet, clear vocals. 

The production contains bubbly pop beats and warm synths, with some nicely soaring backing vocals and a slightly retro edge – fans of Taylor Swift and Carly Rae Jepsen will be very comfortable here. There’s also a sunshiny, colourful music video to check out, which chases Chayce through fields, bright streets, and even sitting at a desk in the ocean. This is a perfect track to add to light pop playlists. 

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Words Eden Tredwell