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Macy Makes Sure We Won’t ‘Forget Me Not Blue’

MACY Forget Me Not Blue on the Right Chord Music blog

MACY returns with her summery breakup-pop perfection.

MACY – ‘Forget Me Not Blue’

‘Sit back, relax and let the music guide’, smoulders the spoken intro to ‘Forget Me Not Blue’. And this is the perfect song to do just that – a car top-down breezy, carefree piece of summery pop, with a clever flowery hook that will perhaps bring forget-me-nots back into fashion, finally ending the tyrant reign of roses. 

MACY is a Welsh pop artist on the rise. She’s had a busy year, releasing singles and gaining notable gig slots and airplay from the likes of Radio 1.

‘Forget Me Not Blue’ is an infectious pop track, with fun retro influences and an ‘I’m so over you’ joy.

‘It’s the last time I’ll look good for you’ begins Macy with classic pop sass, but there are some fun lyrical standout moments with lines like ‘hope you’re embarrassed when you tell your mother’. There are also hints of pettiness with lines like ‘I’ll date all your friends’. The titular play on words is a delicious twist, as Macy sings ‘I hope you can never look at turquoise again…I hope that you’re left so blue, forget me not blue’. This is all wrapped up in effortless pop melodies and MACY’S sweet, assured, radio-friendly vocals. 

The production begins with warm keys that hearken back to days of soul and disco, and there’s more than a little of that nu-disco influence with touches of string and an addictive shaker beat. Bouncy guitars, solid beats and a strutting bass bring it all together, with some sparkly harmonies and fun touches of 8-bit synths in the chorus. Fans of Anne Marie, Lizzo, Doja Cat and Kim Petras will find plenty to enjoy here. 

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Words Eden Tredwell