Chateau Saint Explore Human Connection With ‘High On You’

Chateau Saint is an indie pop duo based in Seattle, United States. Blending catchy songwriting with colourful, vivid lyrical storytelling.

Chateau Saint – High On You

Chateau Saint aka Aimee Layne and Nathan Lee have been gradually establishing themselves as a rising force on the independent circuit. Defined by their genre-bending compositions that incorporate elements of pop, folk, electronica and house, they now completely plunge into alt-pop with ‘High On You’, their mesmerising new single.

Building from a restrained start in which the delightful vocals only caress the ears, ‘High On You’ slightly grows in intensity once the percussion kicks in, reaching its peak during the hypnotic chorus sections. Musically, the song is marked by well-crafted layers of synths, keyboards and piano, which provide a lush, richly-arranged backdrop for the duo to unleash their intimate, atmospheric vocals. 

“High On You is a bewitching, exuberant alt-pop number, combining rich nuances and atmosphere with irresistible hooks.”

Lyrically, the song deals with the complexities of human connections and the addictive feeling of being highly attracted to someone else. The duo adds: “We wrote ‘High On You’ to explore the intricacies of desire, chemistry, and human connection, to capture the feeling when you’re with someone and your heart is racing, your skin is flushed, it’s almost hard to breathe — and you’d do anything for more”.

Even for someone like myself whose musical background lies in more organic forms of rock, there’s no escaping the magnetic appeal of ‘High On You’. The combination of a sultry musical structure and evocative lyrics is utterly enticing, turning the song into a real treat for the ears. 

Chateau Saint really hits the mark with ‘High On You’, adding another important chapter to their promising career. Expect to hear more from this multi-talented duo soon.

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Words Fidel Beserra