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SHWA Reminisces About Young Love On Butterflies

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SHWA ‘Butterflies’ delivers dance-pop and nostalgia for lost innocence.

SHWA – ‘Butterflies’

‘Falling in love seemed easy at 14…’ sings one of the opening lines in ‘Butterflies’, and there’s some truth to it – often at such a young age, we don’t have a lot of baggage to bring to romantic relationships. And SHWA admits this, later continuing ‘25 isn’t easy’, longing for the abandon that let her fall in love so freely when she was younger. It’s definitely a rose-tinted view of teenage love, but one that many can relate to. 

SHWA is a Welsh singer-songwriter, heavily influenced by the likes of Taylor Swift. This release is her second, after her debut single in 2022.

‘Butterflies’ is a euphoric dance-pop tune with a heart-on-its-sleeve attitude and plenty of nostalgia.

The lyrics evoke plenty of imagery and nostalgia for an early 2000s adolescence – the ‘crimson flushes on my cheeks’ and the ‘blue screen’ of MSN messenger. There’s some self-awareness as SHWA admits she has a ‘conception of the love I crave’ but is determined to be uninhibitedly romantic again, to ‘let it happen’ and ‘kickstart the butterflies’. The melodies are big and anthemic, and SHWA shows off her powerful and emotive voice, even throwing in a few high-belted notes. 

The production has some 2000s influence in it too, bringing to mind artists like David Guetta and Alexis Michelle. The track centres around swooping, soaring synths, combined with classic dance-pop beats and the occasional acoustic guitar line. If you’re in the mood for uplifting pop with a big romantic soul to it, you could do a lot worse than SHWA. 

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Words Eden Tredwell