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Camille Antoni won’t read your ‘Comments’

Camille Antoni

‘Comments’ is perhaps the most appropriate title for a modern song about other people’s opinions, as there’s nowhere that people love to let loose their critiques more than an internet comment section. A source of humour and hurt, many artists have the maxim ‘Don’t read the comments’, and here is Camille Antoni with his two cents on the matter, in an enjoyably hypnotic track.

Camille Antoni – Comments

Camille Antoni is a seasoned musician, producer and self-proclaimed beat machine based in the Netherlands. This latest track is his third artist release, though he’s also known as part of the indie-pop duo Bungalow, and here he teams up with vocalist and newcomer Jermaine Campbell.

“Comments is a swirling lo-fi tune, mixing indie and hip-hop and brushing off those who need to keep their thoughts to themselves.”

Simmering, sarcastic lyrics are delivered in Campbell’s relaxed drawl, telling lesser rappers ‘don’t quit your day job’, and in the very catchy chorus, ‘Don’t tell me ‘bout your comments’, I’ma be honest, you can’t touch this.’

The production is distinctive, with sounds that could have come from 8-bit games, hippy crystal shops, and old cowboy movies. With its distorted riffs, trap-esque beats and pulsing bass, it all combines to hypnotic effect, layering the confident lyrics with something more dreamy. This is clearly a confident producer with vision, which has already gained him media support and many opportunities. And with a debut album due this May, all the cool kids should keep an eye on Camille Antoni.

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