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Camille Antoni reveals heavy hitter debut single ‘L.U.N.A’

Camille Antoni

Netherland’s newcomer Camille Antoni re-emerges from Bungalow with his debut solo single ‘L.U.N.A.’. 

Camille Antoni – L.U.N.A

Known for his work in the indie-pop duo Bungalow, Antoni finally routes down the solo career as he prepares to re-introduce himself to his fans on his own terms. Whilst discovering his love for music at a young age, Antoni has spent most of his adult life sharing his knowledge with others but is now ready to do it for himself. 

Bringing a board of influence to the table, from Iggy Pop and The Sex Pistols to sounds of Tame Impala and producer Mura Masa, Antoni presents a record disjointed by uneasy hip-hop alongside dark, refreshing undertones to represent a story of frustration with humanity. Featuring vocals from long-time friend and collaborator Pete Philly, ‘L.U.N.A.’ overall sets the tone for what’s to come from Camille Antoni. 

Speaking on his debut work, Camille Antoni explained: 

“Within my compositions, I like to play with dissonance. It evokes a feeling that there’s a tension within the music that rubs and needs to be resolved. When writing with a singer/rapper, I also strive for the lyrical subject of the song to match the feelings and emotions within the composition.
My first single, ‘L.U.N.A.’ in collaboration with Pete Philly, is a good example of this. ‘Lead Us Not Astray’ is a religious quote asking for greater power to guide us on the right path. At this exact moment in time, we are not only in a climate crisis but also in the aftermath of Covid-19. Financial inequality continues to grow, and governments all over the world are each struggling with their own issues. ‘L.U.N.A.’ is about having the knowledge and bravery to make the difficult but correct choices in order to make things better.”

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Words Daisy Lipsey