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Caitlin Lavagna Channels The Heartbreak On ‘Run A Mile’

Hailing from the Rhondda with a strong Gibraltarian heritage, singer-songwriter Caitlin Lavagna captivates with her latest single 'Run A Mile' which is born from...

Caitlin Lavagna Releases Powerful New Single ‘We Lost Track’

Born in the Rhondda with strong Gibraltarian roots, Caitlin Lavagna’s passion for singing and rhythm has been nurtured since childhood.  Inspired by a wide range...

Caitlin Lavagna Brings Us Home On The ‘Night Bus’

Anyone who’s ever taken a night bus - particularly in a big city like London - knows that it’s not always the nicest of...

Caitlin Lavagna shows us ‘How Not To Start A Fight’

In pop music, you can find breakup anthems everywhere you turn. But what is perhaps less common is the graceful breakup anthem, the deep-breath,...