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BlueMelt Is ‘Fading’ Surrounded By Stars

BlueMelt Fading on Right Chord Music

Guitar virtuoso BlueMelt returns with classic rock single ‘Fading’.

BlueMelt – Fading (Surrounded by Stars)

London-based guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Vito Tardia aka BlueMelt returns with the classic rock single ‘Fading’ (Surrounded by Stars).

BlueMelt has been releasing music since 2020 when he launched with the driving rock of Stranger. Since then he has released a six-track EP ‘The Cube and the Key (Part 1)’ and the 2022 single ‘Glass Towers’. Now he returns with his first release of 2023 ‘Fading’ (Surrounded by Stars).

Fans of Marty Friedman, Kiko Loureiro, Joe Satriani, Richie Kotzen, and Billy Idol will no doubt find something to enjoy in his back catalogue.

BlueMelt has evolved from an instrumental classic rock base with heavy riffs, and meandering solos to add a new layer of grungy vocals. It’s dark, haunting and immersive especially when enjoyed through headphones.

Fading showcases two sides of BlueMelt, with the full rock experience of track one, balanced by the lighter more thoughtful arrangement of the accompanying acoustic version.  We recommend you pour yourself a large glass of red, pull the curtains and lose yourself in track one.

Talking about the track Vito explains…

“Fading has been sitting in my Mac’s drafts folder since 2015, with the working title of ‘Instrumental 5’. It had the chorus pretty much as it is today, and a verse which is now the instrumental intro and I couldn’t go past that. Then one day I started playing with the chords with the acoustic guitar and lyrics started coming out. I was reading books from Neil Gaiman at the time, so the dark atmosphere may come from there. I recorded a quick demo so that I wouldn’t lose the vibe of the moment, then I polished until it was ready for release and I re-recorded the acoustic version as a B-side.” – Vito Tardia

“Fading is a wonderfully dark and immersive classic rock record.”

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