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Owen Hamlin Gets Existential On ‘And It Was Gone’

Owen Hamlin on Right Chord Music

Owen Hamlin’s acoustic indie takes a temporal turn.

Owen Hamlin – ‘And It Was Gone’

‘Isn’t it strange when you get just what you wanted, and you’re not satisfied?’ sings one of the lines in Owen Hamlin’s ‘And It Was Gone’. It’s one of many abstract-yet-relatable lines – this song doesn’t go into the specifics of a situation, yet it contains a lot of familiar feelings. The fleeting nature of life, the impossible dream of permanent happiness. But it’s not as heavy as I’m making it sound. 

Owen Hamlin is a singer-songwriter, instrumentalist and producer based in LA – regular readers may recognise him from coverage of his single ‘Swimming In Your Sea’.

‘And It Was Gone’ is a mid-tempo acoustic ballad, full of philosophical musings yet easy on the ears.

Hamlin’s lyrics slowly take us through his inner monologue that ranges from cautiously curious – ‘I wonder what this place would look like through a different lens’ – to hopeful – ‘We’re all the same even if we don’t know it’ – to casually resigned to man’s fate and brief existence on this Earth. The chorus is perhaps so casual as to be callous – ‘I looked around and it was gone, flip the page sing another song’ – but perhaps it was intended lightly. The melodies start simple and repetitive, but develop nicely throughout the song, delivered in Hamlin’s sensitive vocals. 

The production beings with some dreamy guitar picking and opens up through the song, adding mandolin, solid drums, chugging chords and big-stage reverb. Fans of the 2000s Britpop era with acts such as Coldplay and James Blunt will particularly find a lot to enjoy here. There’s also a music video to check out, featuring some appropriately evocative skylines and cemeteries. A good track for a little light angst. 

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Words Eden Tredwell