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eli ann Is A Siren On ‘Lighthouse’

eli ann - lighthouse on Right Chord Music

Discover eli ann’s gorgeous pop-folk debut.

eli ann – ‘Lighthouse’

‘Be still, my heart’ begins ‘Lighthouse’ by eli ann. It’s a tender beginning to a very tender song – inspired, apparently, by an unexpected loss, a car accident, and many of life’s difficulties. But this is a song filled with both pain and hope, not a lament but a cry for a guide – like the titular ‘Lighthouse’. Many will be able to relate to it. 

eli ann is a Los Angeles singer, songwriter and instrumentalist. With experience in musical theatre, classical violin, and indie folk bands, she is finally taking centre stage and releasing her debut single.

‘Lighthouse’ is a heartfelt, soaring pop-folk ballad dedicated to loss and rebuilding. ‘

Waves of waiting keep crashing down’ sing her evocative lyrics, using the lighthouse imagery as an anchor, if you will. Irregular bars and a folk influence contribute to the ethereal style, yet eli ann remains hopeful, saying ‘This time I won’t drown’. The title takes full meaning in the outro, repeating ‘build me a lighthouse and guide me home’. The vocals are beautiful, silky and pure, merging well with the floating melodies. 

The production spotlights the guitar, which moves from gentle picking to banjo-like strumming. eli ann’s classical background shines through in the soaring string lines, and layers of lush vocals and dreamy piano lines contribute to the wide-open, seascape atmosphere. This is a track with a magical atmosphere and a very strong debut. Fans of modern folk-pop artists like Birdie and Gabrielle Aplin will find plenty to enjoy here – keep a look out for eli ann. 

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Words Eden Tredwell