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Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Class of 91 Pick Up The Pieces On ‘Broken Window’

After releasing two EPs, Canadian ensemble Class of 91 has unveiled their latest single, Broken Window. This track showcases the band's distinctive introspective and...

Stevie Jones and The Wildfires ‘Come In From The Rain’

Discover Stevie Jones and The Wildfires radio-friendly rock. Stevie Jones and The Wildfires - ‘Come In From The Rain’ ‘The boat was capsized, I was left...

BlueMelt Is ‘Fading’ Surrounded By Stars

Guitar virtuoso BlueMelt returns with classic rock single 'Fading'. BlueMelt - Fading (Surrounded by Stars) London-based guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Vito Tardia aka BlueMelt returns with the...

Tate LaBianca Reveal Debut Single ‘Crazy’

Positivity with a punch: Tate LaBianca reveal debut single, “Crazy”. Tate LaBianca - Crazy A genre-shapeshifting trio from Yorkshire, Tate LaBianca are known for their unique...

Sans Petrie Invites Us To ‘Dance Dance’

Expertly devised, Dance, Dance by Sans Petrie is propelled with well-crafted instrumentals providing a story for the ages. Sans Petrie - Dance, Dance The guitar is...