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Amelia Finds Herself On New Single ‘Free’

Amelia - Free Right Chord Music Blog Review

Amelia serves up some joyous synth-pop on ‘Free’

Amelia – Free

‘Winging it, it’s worked out pretty well so far’, sings one of the lines of Amelia’s ‘Free’. Although this is a song dedicated to finding out who you are in your 20s, there’s a feeling that many can relate to. Because here’s the secret – you never truly figure out, and we’re all just winging it, and hey, hopefully, it’s worked out well so far. 

Amelia is a Liverpudlian singer-songwriter who started releasing in earnest last year. Building up a catalogue, she has been featured on BBC Introducing as well as other radio and blog slots.

‘Free’ is a light piece of synth-based pop that evokes the confusion and self-discovery of youth.

‘21 and you’re thinking what have I done so far’ go the opening lines, no doubt evoking hollow laughter from the over 30s in the audience. But the lyrics do capture the naive confusion of that time, noting ‘10 year old me thought I’d be in New York City by now’ and there are some strong lyrics like ‘run ‘til you find somebody to be’. It’s all delivered in familiar pop melodies but heightened by Amelia’s gutsy vocals, which are the highlight of the track. 

The production is heavily 80s influenced, with swooping synths, punchy beats and breathy backing vocals. There are definitely influences of modern 80s-inspired artists like Taylor Swift in there, but it feels quite retro,  a sound that wouldn’t be out of place in an early Kylie or Stock Aitken & Waterman record. There are some unexpected discordant moments in the chorus, but for the most part, this is an easily relatable and lighthearted track with a sweet lyrical point of view. 

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