Alice Offley Celebrates Her Love of Vinyl On ’12 Inches of Love’

Alice Offley loves to let the record spin on her latest track ’12 Inches of Love’.

Alice Offley 12″ Inches of Love

Having indulged us on her Valentine’s Day release “Your My Favourite”, with her passion for fondants – whilst simultaneously encouraging lovers to profess their feelings to that one special person – D.I.Y Disco diva Alice Offley continues with her quest to spread the love and sprinkle glitter dust wherever her platform boots take her. In the video for her latest release ’12 Inches of Love’ we find her running wild in a record shop celebrating the joy of listening to good old-fashioned vinyl. 

Released fittingly on Record Store Day, Offley’s new single explores the tangible analogue delight of experiencing music on record as opposed to listening to it digitally. “In a world of web clips and TikTok /background syncs…it’s still so lush to experience Music intentionally, and stop everything just to listen to the record”

Fuelled by 70’s funk and disco, ’12 Inches of Love’ is a more tropical affair than previous tracks. Think The Michael Zager Band’s ‘Let’s All Chant’ and The Merryman’s ‘Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot’ and you have the vibe she is coming at you with. A deep solid bass line keeps the track revolving as Offley invites you to “hear the needle drop”. Touched up with some Wah-Wah effects, the track cuts loose with a scratching sample over Offley singing “I say DJ, please play my favourite song” adding a dash of Moloko-esque quirkiness to the mix. The result is another catchy and instantly likeable track.

You put a record on, drop the needle and then wait for the groove. That’s the essence of the whole vinyl listening experience and what Alice Offley does on her latest release is own this experience completely, celebrating it as another catalyst for fun and joy that colour her world, with all roads leading to that hallowed dance floor.

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Words Andrew Gutteridge