Estelle Mey Let’s Go On Explosive Single ‘Snake’ (Rejection)

Estelle Mey stands her ground on her new track ‘Snake (Rejection)’.

Estelle Mey – Snake (Rejection)

In collaboration with the talented drummer Rob Dowsett, Estelle Mey has released a new track that is a good reminder of why she is such a promising figure in the UK’s underground punk movement. Snake (Rejection) contains euphoric riffage and all the characteristic attitude of the genre.

With an album (The Key in 2017) and an EP (Limited Luck Edition Demos in 2019) on her record, Estelle Mey has managed to make some waves by getting airtime on BBC1 Future Alternative by Nels Hylton, BBC1 Intro Rock with Alyx Holcombe, Radio X by Johny Kennedy and Amazing UK. Also, her work received praise from magazines such as Clout, New Noise, and Illustrate.

If you’re among those who like their punk raw, uncensored, and unapologetic, then this is your lucky day because Estelle and Rob don’t hold anything back on this melody. From the distorted, chaotic guitars and the crushing drums to the eerie vocals, the adrenaline levels on this track will make you want to take on a bear by yourself barehanded.

This song’s frenetic instrumentation holds an equally striking message about putting a halt to whatever brings negativity to your life, as Estelle says:

Snake (Rejection) is about saying stop to someone or something that makes you feel like you’re slowly dying. Letting go, speak out loud, and walk away from what stops you from being happy, from being yourself, or from evolving.”

“Snake (Rejection) is a solid, wild, and highly energetic punk banger.”

Fortunately, Snake (Rejection) is just the tip of the iceberg, being the first single of Estelle Mey’s forthcoming EP ‘Inverted’, a record that will give a lot to talk about for sure and that you should keep on your radar in the foreseeable future.

Also, don’t forget to catch Estelle Mey live on Friday,  May 12th, at The Macbeth in London for a memorable night full of fun and explosive rock.

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