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Alice Offley Questions What Would Madonna Do?

Alice Offley What Would Madonna Do? On Right Chord Music

Working as a ‘funkalicious’ homage to the queen of pop, ‘What Would Madonna Do?’ Is the newest exciting offering by the Disco Diva, Alice Offley.

Alice Offley – ‘What Would Madonna Do?’

Like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day, London-based Alice Offley has made a name for herself by writing infectious funk/disco-pop anthems that exude positivity and invite listeners to have a good time. Her new tune, What Would Madonna Do? Continues with this trend. However, as the name implies, there is a little more to this song than meets the eye, so keep scrolling down to find out what that is.

Demonstrating her unquestionable creativity, Alice wrote WWMD to commemorate Madonna’s upcoming ‘Celebration Tour’, which coincidentally has its first date this weekend in London.

Aside from being a worthy tribute to one of the most influential pop artists of all time, this melody has the distinction of being made to inspire others. Whether you’re facing a stressful situation or dealing with haters, this piece has the answer in the form of a question.

This wouldn’t be an Alice Offley song without the irresistible combination of bass and funky guitar that have become a recognizable staple of her sound.

“What Would Madonna Do? Is both a wonderful tribute to a legend and an inspiring pop anthem.”

If you enjoyed this single, and love Madonna you’ll be happy to discover that Alice is filming a daily Madonna cover version and sharing it on her socials, so follow the links below to check them out.

To support the launch of this single Alice will be playing an online show for LoungesTV tonight 13th October in addition to a London show in November.

So next time you feel anxious, under pressure, and fed up with everything, do like Alice and ask yourself: what would Madonna do?

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Words Javier Rodriguez