Friday, August 12, 2022
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Alice Offley brings fun back with the disco-funk of ‘Pour’

We first featured Alice Offley on RCM back in 2016 under the guise of Alice & The Lovers with their 60s girl band drenched...

How The World Has Changed With The Rolling Stones

I recently came across these incredible stats from StubHub about The Rolling Stones, and it got me thinking back to a balmy, English summer night...

First Signs Of Love No.125 – Parla

Parla are made up of singer / songwriter Richard Walters (former front man of Theremin and once signed to Radiohead's Courtyard Management as a...

When Two Becomes One. The Power Of Collaboration

It's easy to feel isolated when you are an unsigned musician. Who do you turn to for help? And how do you know if...

RCM Interview. Gemma Hill: My Life As A Session Musician

Gemma Hill is a session drummer and percussionist from near London who also teaches and writes for UK drum website mikedolbear. In this interview she...