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Fxrroh Joins Keagan & Screwyounick For ‘Speaking Terms’

Fxrroh 'Speaking Terms' album review on Right Chord Music

Fxrroh bares her soul on new album ‘speaking terms’

Fxrroh – Speaking Terms

Lush. Hypnotic. There are a hundred words that could describe this new record, a stunning collaboration between Keagan, screwyounick and Fxrroh. That being said, there’s really not one that could capture its unique essence. Propelled by deep, relatable explorations into topics like grief, addiction, relationship problems and loneliness, the record is vulnerable and achingly emotive.

A concept album crafted between Fxrroh and multi-talented artist Keagan (curated by mutual friend and fellow musician screwyounick), the record has 10 original songs, expanded from Keagan and Fxrroh’s enchanting vocals and eccentric approach to songwriting. Executively produced by love, matt and Keagan with the help of several other friends and colleagues (splashgvng, solace, kazba, naveih, nate2timez, and a guest verse from Fawlin) the production is crisp and warm.

A young musician from Chicago, Fxrroh has already started making waves in the industry with hits like ‘IN COLOR’ or 2023’s ‘0xygen’. Her distinct passion is clear in every song, as intimate vocals craft achingly beautiful sonic landscapes that have helped Fxrroh garner thousands of fans from around the globe. Her connection to the self is effortlessly conveyed in such a fashion you would be surprised to discover she hasn’t been perfecting her craft for decades.

The opening track ‘hot shit’ calls out an egotistical past lover. With lines like ‘say it on the internet, paint me as the devil yet’ there’s little room for debate over what both Fxrroh and Keagan are trying to convey. It’s taught with equally daring lyrics and many listeners will find the tracks honesty empowering and necessary. It’s one of the many highlights of the record for me and acts as the perfect album opener, showcasing the hard-hitting honesty littered throughout the next half hour.

While tracks like ‘half measures’ and ‘dream’ explore more melancholic miseries in connection to love and heartache, they’re just as poetically true and vibrant as other cuts. Catchy but poignant, both songs leave their mark and nestle neatly into the more sad and nostalgic side of the record. Likewise, with ‘alone time’, there’s a tangible vibrance beneath this lavish, slow-burning ballad.

After a gorgeous interlude, the album’s second half is kickstarted with ‘hold on you’, arguably the album’s most catchy tune. Its relatable and self-aware lyricism hits especially hard on this track. Another standout from the album, it’s easy to see why each artist on this track has garnered such a strong following in recent years.

The final half of the record never loses sight of the project’s soul, keeping it moving hypnotically.  Slightly more rigid in structure (but not lacking in that ethereal nature) songs like ‘old us’ and ‘eye to eye’ are layered emotionally and sonically. The later track has a simplistic rawness to it that’s just brilliant. The Fawlin feature on ‘tainted love’ is also sublime, making an already mesmerizing track all the more enjoyable.

The album closer, ‘booze’ is the perfect ending to this record. Without a doubt the most unflinchingly honest and poignant, it explores problematic coping mechanisms over a backdrop of emotional sonic landscapes and lush production. Even with such a heavy topic, the artistry is still just as charismatic and personable. The chemistry between the multiple minds behind this project is evident in each track and crystal clear on ‘booze’.

“A sonically rich album, layered in heartache and relatability, its familiarity in essence is perfectly paired against a fresh soundscape, crafted by some of indie pop’s most exciting young artists. Every track is hauntingly strung together to form a cohesive web of atmospheric pop that’s unlike anything else.”

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