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Francesca Lu Searches For Her True Self On Digital Deflect

Francesca Lu Digital Deflect on Right Chord Music

Francesca Lu’s sophomore release Digital Deflect shows an artist in complete control and brimming with confidence.

Francesca Lu – Digital Deflect

‘Digital Deflect’ is the second single from Kent-based singer, songwriter and producer, Francesca Lu. Following the success of her debut track, the self-produced ‘Saturday Soon’ released back in April, the artist has collaborated with producer and musician, Jordan Velez for her next release, a much smoother and richer affair, that still maintains the originality and quirkiness exhibited on her debut.

The track starts off with an ambling hip hop drum beat reminiscent of Eric B. & Rakim’s ‘Paid In Full’ with jazzy sax frills before Lu’s vocals come in, their distinctly low-fi nature suggesting something pitched between Melody’s Echo Chamber and Cults. Her voice sounds dislocated from the layers of sound, echoing the song’s pre-occupation with technology as a distraction, yet it is powerful enough to maintain a firm grip throughout. There is a lot going on in the music, from jazz breaks and funky asides to sunshine chords and sounds of technology switching off and on. But Lu manages to contain this all within a pop wrapper, so the track doesn’t veer off too much into indulgent experimentation, which considering the wealth of sounds and their effective emotions is no mean feat. Nothing is lost or surplus, the track is all gains.

“It’s two people, finding comfort in one another, though that comfort is through feeling seen. So the catch is, they are being seen in a way, and at a time, where they feel disconnected from themselves; they are being flattered for who they wish to be, not for who they truly are.”

‘Digital Deflect’ is a track essentially about facing up and being your true self and finding that confidence to do it. As a second release for Francesca Lu, it conversely shows an artist that has found that confidence which feeds into the track, resulting in a well-produced and immersive single.

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Words Andrew Gutteridge