Alice Offley Offers Up A Tasty Treat On: You’re My Favourite

Alice Offley offers up a tasty treat for Valentine’s Day with her new single ‘You’re My Favourite’.

Alice Offley – You’re My Favourite

As if fired from Cupid’s bow itself just in time for Valentine’s Day, the North London singer and bassist Alice Offley aims her latest track “You’re My Favourite” squarely at the hearts of lovers. Featuring her signature sultry vocals and guitar line percolated through Prince’s ‘Kiss’, Offley continues her one-woman mission to bring the funk back into people’s lives. Full of saccharine sensuality and lip-smacking lyrics the track was written as “a declaration of romance for my favourite person, as well as my fondness for fondants”.

Like all her releases, there is an emphasis on fun and freedom which makes the song zip along in an unfussy and uncomplicated style. Swapping the blue platform boots of her previous track ‘Fun, Fun, Fun’ for suggestive knee-high leather ones, Offley becomes a tongue-in-cheek temptress in a paean to her favourite desserts! “You’re the cream, you’re the cherry on top”..” You’re the honey to my bee, Like the sugar in my shaker”. The lyrics have a real pop element to them that makes for another supremely catchy tune.

You can’t help but succumb to Offley’s infectious tracks as they are fashioned from a place of pure joy and pleasure. She just wants to head to the dancefloor, have fun and enjoy the moment, which is what we can all share in when we listen to her songs. With a video that sees her frolicking around on the floor interspersed by images of “passionate” Japanese Rhinoceros Beetles the suggestion and intent is clear; skip the main course and head straight for the dessert. That’s everyone’s favourite.

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Words Andrew Gutteridge