The Nectars. ‘Sci-Fi Television’ Album Review

The Nectars are the real deal. This is a band to love, they not only ooze cool, but they have the songs to back it up. Their debut album ‘Sci-Fi Television’ delivers like a ‘FedEx Rock n Roll Teleporter.’ Sci-Fi Television is the work of lead singer Jessica Kenny, Mike Montalbano (drums/vocals), Jon Paul (bass) and

RCM Interview. Amanda Van West ‘Band Of The Day’ app.

As a blog that loves to champion incredible new music, we’re always on the hunt for great new sources of music recommendation and the Band Of The Day app is one of our favourites. We caught up with Amanda Van West to find out more. Firstly can you introduce yourself. Who are you and what

First Signs Of Love No 69. The Shallows. Honestly

The Shallows are a London-based band made up of four members, Tom Skelton on lead vocals, Russ Cragg on guitar, Joe White on bass and Al Hewitt on drums. Taking their influences from the likes of The Strokes, Neu!, Two Door Cinema Club and The Smiths, they write intelligent vocal led, indie guitar floor fillers. As a case