#FSOL 32. Lillian Todd-Jones ‘Butter Soul’

“Let us think the unthinkable, let us do the undoable.” So goes the famous quote from the author Douglas Adams, one of 23 year old Lillian Todd-Jones’ hero’s and muses. It would seem that Lillian has taken that quote all too literally in her life, with a background as a fire walker, stilt walker and

Artist Of The Week. Johnny Daukes

Multi-talented filmmaker, editor and singer-songwriter Johnny Daukes is perhaps the man of the moment. Constantly coming up with new concepts that engage even the most difficult of converts, he is not just one thing, but many. After directing and editing films for years, including work with MTV and the BBC, Daukes begun exploring the music

Where Is Everyone? Why Albums Make Little Sense For New Artists

When you first start out, the path to music fame and fortune seems pretty straightforward. Not because you necessarily know what to do, but because of what history tells you… Write some songs, play them live, and record an album. Then you get signed and fame and fortune flows.  The problem with this, is the

Blog Takeover Part 4. Guest Editor Tony Lazarus

Hi my name is Tony Lazarus, and I am a keyboard player / singer with a passion for music – most music. I also recently guest-hosted the excellent @thelostrecord twitter blog which kind of does what it says on the tin. I’ve been listening to music for a very long time indeed, and although I’m

Blog Takeover Part 2. Guest Editor Steve Jones From ‘Stylus Boy’

Hi, I’m Steve and I sing and play guitar in Stylusboy (@stylusboy on Twitter) which used to be a solo folk project but is now a duo with the lovely Rachel Grisedale (@rai_chull on Twitter). We have been described as ‘enchanting lo-fi folk’ by The Music Abyss. We have recently released a six track live

#FSOL 27. Curxes ‘Spectre’

The style has been described (accepted by the Brighton based duo) as ‘Blitz Pop’; this seems perfect for Curxes.  ‘Spectre’ demonstrates the haunting melodies, intense industrial soundscapes and theatrical chaos into which I can’t wait to dive deeper. This track plummets into the gritty, smoky factory, where the machines grind out the verses.  All the while, alluded to,

View From The Lazy Acre. Can We Afford Facebook Failure?

The second diary entry from Lazy Acre Records ponders the future of Facebook… Through my day job and the work I do with this little record label I spend a lot of time in front of Facebook, poring over analytics and looking at new ways of both integrating the site into other media and driving more people

#FSOL 26. Trwbador ‘Sun In The Winter’

With it’s plodding rhythm ‘Sun In The Winter’ by Trwbador rather stumbled into our consciousness. Once there it quietly set up camp before unleashing the full force of it’s charms, occupying our minds with it’s trance like climax. It’s a charming, cute as you like folk, pop song that feels like it is been played backwards

Artist Of The Week. Synne Eileen & The Sunbeams

The words ‘Synne Eileen and The Sunbeams’ makes me smile. Their music sure does  too, and this unorthodox pop band are lovers of bubbly upbeat music and kitsch bow ties. Ultimately lovely, this 6 piece, 5 from Norway, 1 from England, are the future of fun loving quirk-pop. Their new single, ‘Cuckoo/Kinda Perfect’ is a

New Releases: On The Right Chord Music Stereo

There is just so much amazing new music caressing our ear lobes this week. To avoid missing anything out, here is a round-up of the very best music extracted from the black hole, which is the Right Chord Music inbox. 1. High Highs: Once Around The House We fell in love with High Highs last

#FSOL 25. Strangers ‘Safe/Pain’

Positioned as the modern-day Depeche Mode, Strangers are bringing the magic of 80’s electro-pop to 2012. The band, hailing from Northampton, is made up of 3 rather dapper young men. Rather elusive as a group, this darkness to their persona only highlights their moody and emotive music further. Focused on dark electro-pop throughout their musical

Artist Of The Week. Laura Gibson

The unique beauty of Laura Gibson herself, is only out-played by the grace of her intoxicating music. The Oregon born singer-songwriter’s latest album consists of ten gorgeous folk pop songs that captivate, as well as steal you away to distant places. The album, ‘La Grande’ is a self-produced masterpiece and brings a taste of the