Right Chord Music launches Major Labl, our new home of management consultancy and marketing solutions for independent bands and artists.

Introducing Major Labl for independent artists

Don’t be fooled by the name, we don’t sign anyone or own your rights. Major Labl provides management and marketing solutions for unsigned artists who dream of being independent.

After managing unsigned artists for over 10 years founder Mark Knight recognised two things: Most music PR and radio plugging companies promise the earth, charge the earth and deliver very, very little and traditional music marketing was created for major label signed artists, not unsigned artists. In response, Major Labl have created an effective, and affordable alternative splitting our services between:

1. Creative content marketing for independent artists

​We create bespoke artist marketing campaigns to promote your music on social media. While music PR and radio pluggers focus on the marketing channels you can’t control, we focus on the channels you can control. Find out more here.

​2. Management consultancy for independent artists

We provide downloadable DIY guides, social media audits, marketing training and a unique pay as you go management service, all designed around The Cycle, our proprietary planning framework. Our services are organised around career life stage covering unreleased, emerging and established artists.

Major Labl re-invests profits to promote independent artists

Naturally we wanted to support unsigned artists, but unlike a traditional label we didn’t want to be limited to the artists on our roster. So we took a very deliberate decision not to sign anyone. Instead we will re-invest a percentage of the profits from every sale on Major Labl to promote the unsigned bands and independent artists we champion on our weekly Lost On Radio Podcast and Spotify Playlist.

Mark Knight, the founder of Right Chord Music explains the announcement

Ever since launching Right Chord Music in 2010 we’ve been approached by independent artists looking for management and marketing support, the launch of Major Labl allows us to extend our service offering and help improve the way unsigned artists promote their music.

Artist Testimonials

“When I met Mark, I literally felt this is too good to be true, I can’t recommend this service enough! The advice was practical, insightful and amazing value for money. PAYG management helps you take control and move forward. You no longer have to feel like you’re doing it on your own, for me that’s invaluable. Support is everything and this is exactly that, as and when you need it no strings attached! How refreshing!” Marie Claire Lee (SEIL LIEN)

Right Chord Music

In response to the launch of Major Labl, Right Chord Music (RCM) will revert back to it’s focus as a new music blog. Since our foundation in 2010 RCM has attracted new music fans from over 175 different countries. We were recently ranked in the Top 50 UK Music Blogs and Websites. This new focus allows us to grow and support even more unsigned artists.

Welcome to Major Labl by Right Chord Music.