Band of The Week. I, US & We

I, Us & We are a band from California consisting of three brothers; Jordan Doverspike, Evan Doverspike and Aaron Doverspike together they write and perform captivating dream pop that they describe as “clean and unadulterated”. Their EP, the beautifully atmospheric ‘Mono’ (out on April 16th) was recorded in their home studio and produced by Chad Marshman over the course

First Signs Of Love 114. Golden Coast

As the blazing hot sun continues to beat down on the UK, the debut single from Californian duo Golden Coast   seems like the perfect soundtrack. This is pool-side party music at it’s finest. With danceable drums, sunny synths, verby guitars and just enough rasp in the falsetto to offset the levity. The duo is made

Big Tree. My, How You’ve Grown

Californian Indie-folk group Big Tree released their newest EP ‘My, How You’ve Grown’ in mid September. This aptly named offering gives an emotional insight to the quintet through the five EP tracks their journey over the last five years. ‘My, How You’ve Grown’ certainly feels like a collection, presenting a calmer, more rounded and comfortable

Band Of The Week. Big Tree

Californian folk-pop quintet Big Tree, are a band of massive sounds, funky danceable chords and hypnotic vocal harmonies. Sounding passionate, cheerful and sensual simultaneously is a skill hard to perfect, but Big Tree has it down to a fine art. The bands latest release ‘Little EP’ is just that; a collection of six pure, untouched

Artist Of The Week. Goldroom

Goldroom is Josh Legg of Los Angeles. Born out of Los Angeles synthpop trio NightWaves, Goldroom is Josh Legg’s solo effort and production alias. Expect dreamy synths, and feel good sunshine party vibes. If you close your eyes you can almost imagine yourself sipping cocktails by a Californian pool. Start with the track ‘Fifteen’ and let yourself drift