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Big Tree. My, How You’ve Grown


Big Tree

Californian Indie-folk group Big Tree released their newest EP ‘My, How You’ve Grown’ in mid September. This aptly named offering gives an emotional insight to the quintet through the five EP tracks their journey over the last five years. ‘My, How You’ve Grown’ certainly feels like a collection, presenting a calmer, more rounded and comfortable selection in comparison to the individual genre-jumping of their previous EP.

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The opening track ‘Believe’ shows off Big Tree’s fresher, stripped down sound. The fast, folk – pop style guitar chord sequences which dominated their previous efforts have been replaced by a toned selection of smooth and stylish string melodies which provide flair. Previously a band dominated by group harmonies their newest offering is supported by clean and neat backing vocals. Kaila has succeeded in defining Big Tree as a true female fronted band. The singer’s stunning and gentle vocal range brings this EP to life using the clean, Blues and Rhythm style instrumentation to add depth. Kaila alternates between a pure narrative and a playful mastering of haunting vocal lines, carrying the listener through a vocal set of ‘anthemic’ chorus lines, “Listen to the sound of Wonder” concluding in an emotive title track of innocence and uncertainty which asks “Are we hoping? Wishing away?”

Big Tree’s development is unmistakable; through the fresh and mature sound of their latest musical contribution, and also their artwork. Their previous EP, ‘Little EP’ sported a selection of hand-drawn, childlike art including a young boy and girl holding hands as well as a hand holding a pocket watch. Their newest cover is fairly uniform in comparison. A plain emblem upon a dark background hints correctly at a band come to fruition, happy to let their music tell the story. Big Tree have a rare combination in ‘My, How You’ve Grown’. The EP is at once one of great enjoyment and easy listening and yet also a collection of immense depth. Although the Quintet write about the uncertainty of both the past and the future, their latest endeavour is grown up, fresh and of the present.

Gemma Dunstan

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