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The Top 5 Punk Rock Guitarists

  Our friends at Pro Music Tutor pick their top five punk rock guitarists. Punk rock is one of music’s most iconic genres. As such, many of...
The Loft Club

The Loft Club – Dreaming The Impossible

Inspired by the guitar music of the 1960’s, The Loft Club’s Dreaming The Impossible exudes tranquility and optimism. Dreaming The Impossible The album features a range...
The Chronicles of Manimal & Samara

The Chronicles of Manimal & Samara – Psychopath’s Monologue

London-based duo Andrea Papi (Manimal) and Daphne Ang (Samara) came together late last year as The Chronicles of Manimal and Samara (TCOMAS) building a...
Me, Charles

Me, Charles – Like and Share

Alternative summertime vibes ooze from Me, Charles’ ‘Like and Share’. Tranquility, melancholia and an atmosphere of self-reflection jumpily interweave, forming an entropic augmented reality....
Brass Phantoms

Brass Phantoms – Hurricane

Dublin quintet Brass Phantoms dropped new single “Hurricane,” which true to its name sucks listeners in with its earworm melody comprised of upbeat, rock-tinged...
Oozy Woods

Oozy Woods – In Between

Oozy Woods are an Italian band based in Bologna. On their debut album 'In Between' they create a sharp and distinctive sound that drifts...
Spiders Eat Vinyl - Iris Flare

Spiders Eat Vinyl – Iris Flare

Spiders Eat Vinyl is a dreamy-electro pop act from Sheffield in the UK. They are back with an earthy soundtrack that drifts from ears...
Iraina Mancini

Iraina Mancini – Undercover

Iraina Mancini has been writing her own songs and gigging from a young age, fronting bands such as electro pop band ‘Mancini’ and then...
The Photons

The Photons – EP

The debut EP from Glasgow based outfit The Photons is an ear catching indie rock gem which casts you forward to an unknown festival...
pulse park

Pulse Park – Apollonian Heart

Canadian noise-pop quartet Pulse Park’s latest track “Apollonian Heart,” is a slice of 90s indie rock heaven that blends expansive, guitar-led sonics with distinct...
Mint M180

Mint – M180

Grimsby Rockers Mint speed through in top form on fast-paced 'M180' Introducing Mint Mint are a 4 piece band from Grimsby in the UK who aim...
Empty Atlas

Empty Atlas – Maximal

Empty Atlas’ new full-length album, Kairos, is the perfect soundtrack for a long drive somewhere new, or for a sleepy afternoon spent watching the...